Field Notes 9/20/17

Regardless of your group membership, the questions of identity are at the heart of the adolescent experience. … Each group has its own particular social context … but at the fundamental core of each young person’s [identity development] is a desire for affirmation. – Beverly Daniel Tatum

-Anderson, Melinda D. The Atlantic. Do Conversations About Race Belong in the Classroom?

At GOA we’ve developed a collaboration competency and eight outcomes for measuring it … Imagine what might happen in workplaces if far more people showed up with collaboration competency.

-Fine, Susan. Global Online Academy. Collaboration as Competency: How to Empower Students to Work Together.

We envision an extended and thoughtful process, but we don’t know when the first Mastery Transcript will be issued and which school will be the first to issue it. The best estimate is five to seven years from now. Here’s what we do know for sure, though: The Mastery Transcript has touched a nerve. The need for it and the momentum behind it are real, and we’re committed to seeing this effort through. This is a once in a generation opportunity to offer students a new path to college, one that values their growth and literally credits their individuality.

-Looney, Scott. NAIS. Independent Schools Come Together to Build a New High School Transcript.

Prioritizing the value of relationships, leveraging the deep love felt for the school, and using the best available expertise have all contributed to securing the school’s present and future.

-Prizmah Blog. JDS Story: Epstein Hillel Academy.

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