The Hidden Virtue of “Falling Back”

Originally published on 11/5/17

Dear Colleagues,

I hope you enjoyed the extra hour of sleep last night!

As you may have heard, a commission of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts recently released a report offering a qualified recommendation that the state switch to the Atlantic Time Zone. The commission seems to have taken into account a number of other factors, although I am sorry to report that the timing of weekend plans appears not to be one of them!

I find one of the most intriguing pieces of information from the report to be the statistically significant increase in traffic accidents, workplace injuries, and heart attacks that occur in the immediate days after we “spring forward” to Daylight Savings Time in March. The order of time apparently plays an essential role in our collective health.

On the other hand – and with all due respect to tradition – disruption also has its place. 30 years ago, I was blessed with inattentiveness and showed up one hour early to a Sunday morning event. In an otherwise empty hall, one other person (unknown to me) was wandering around, similarly confused. 30 years later, we are the closest of friends! Disruption has its benefits too.

So … although my only official task on this topic is to remind you that we begin our 1:45pm Friday dismissal this week, I will also add the following:

  • Drive safely
  • Keep an eye out for traffic in the hallways
  • Stay focused on heart as well as mind


  • Introduce yourself to someone new!



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