Field Notes 12/3/17: Bridging the Divides

We are in need of leadership. Anyone involved in educating children knows that our national political discourse has pressed on young people in ways not seen in a generation or more. Basic rules of civility, decency, and mutual respect have been breached, and communication across social differences has been strained to the breaking point.

The message to our students must be clear. It is essential for the adults around our students to continually navigate the conversation around race, gender, class, and national and regional identity. We must use this historic moment as a catalyst to explore within ourselves and within our institutions the ways in which we often unknowingly and unintentionally reinforce the divides we say we want to heal. 

Now is the time. Schools are the place. This is our work.  

Jenna Chandler-Ward. NAIS Independent Ideas Blog. Opening the Curtain, Closing the Gaps Between Aspiration and Reality.

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