MetFern Cemetery

Originally published on 11/12/17

Dear Colleagues,

There were so many “mission moments” for Gann last week – ones that demonstrated genuine care and connection across our community. This morning I want to highlight one such moment that also happens to demonstrate all our core values – to care, connect, strive and create. Hodaya Propp ’17 has just finished the final stage of her Ma’avar Project – a transcendent moment for her and for the school. In the words of our colleague Alex Green:

Hodaya had found out about the MetFern Cemetery, a plot of over 367 numbered—but otherwise unmarked—graves in the woods of north Waltham that contain inmate burials from two state institutions for people with disabilities. She urged me to consider ways to bring dignity to this place, and then she took the lead. Over the last year, I have worked with a colleague to tell the story of the cemetery while Hodaya has created a website and a network of advocates to launch a fundraiser for its restoration, and for the placement of a historic marker at the site.

When you have a moment, visit the MetFern Cemetery website – a testament to Hodaya (who designed, coded, and edited the entire site), to all faculty who worked with her, and to the Gann mission of building a better world where human dignity will flourish.

If anyone would like to visit the actual site, I would be happy to accompany you (2 minute drive, 5 minute walk – no signage, sadly, so it’s best to have a guide with you).





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