Winter’s Watch


Dear Colleagues,

I trust that you have enjoyed the unexpected break from routine afforded by bombogenesis (now bomboexodus, both by departure of said storm and according to the cycle of Torah reading)!

As I write this, I’m looking out at the pawprints of various creatures in the snow just outside my window….

At Gann, we treasure the relational and the strength of community. Yet such meaning-making should not devalue our relationship with the natural world. Sometimes we (and certainly our youth) are too quick to identify such a relationship as being “lonely” as opposed to inspiring, creative, and contemplative. In that spirit: if you have 14 minutes today, I invite you to enjoy this short video, Winter’s Watch, and perhaps to share it with others.

How can we best give our students the gift of a connection with the seasons, the ecosystem, the passage of time?

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