Housing Inequality, continued

Dear Colleagues,

Briefly — given what I wrote in January on the PBL opportunity on housing in the Greater Boston area, I think it’s appropriate to share a recent article as a follow-up. In his piece “Is Housing Inequality the Main Driver of Economic Inequality?”, Richard Florida points to recent research by Matthew Rognlie that demonstrates how the housing crisis in cities like Boston is having far-reaching impact on American society (perhaps substantial political impact as well).

Since we live in the Boston area, we have known and perhaps become somewhat inured to this crisis. And yet, as I pointed out a couple of months ago, there are many creative strategies that researchers, policy-makers, and advocates have proposed to ameliorate it. Both the complexity of the problem, and the myriad trajectories toward possible improvement, speak to urban housing not only as an outstanding PBL opportunity, but as an important way in which our students can explore questions of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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