Students in Action

“Gann’s course on the US History of Disabilities has been getting a lot of press lately. Everyone from Fox-25 to WBUR to the New York Times is curious about the work that Gann students are doing work in the classroom and around the country. The course is classic Gann: students are working on a real-world project while also honing their skills of original research, public presentation, and political advocacy. And every step of the way they are embracing our Jewish value of k’vod habriyot (honoring all creation).”

Click here to read more about this work, with photos from a recent reception focused on the museum exhibit
Click here to see the news story on Boston 25 News
Click here for WBUR’s report
Click here to see the students’ editorial in the New York Times

On December 20, it was a gift to spend some time with Governor Dukakis — he brought some Gann students, faculty, and Waltham city councilmembers up to speed on the deinstitutionalization history of people with disabilities in the Commonwealth. Amazing, powerful stories.

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