It’s Time for a National Museum of Disability

Gann students are at it again. THIS IS THE WORK.


Throughout the year, we researched and analyzed historical artifacts and subjectareas related to disability history. We learned about institutionalization and the reasons behind person-first language. We investigated the origins of polio leg braces, learned about advances in hearing aids and the invention of blind baseball. We also interviewed important figures in the disability community, like Matan Koch, a lawyer with cerebral palsy who served on President Barack Obama’s National Council on Disability, and Richard Robison, the executive director emeritus of the Federation for Children With Special Needs, who is the father of two children with Down syndrome.


We now know a few things. And we believe informing the public about the history of people with disabilities is necessary. We also believe that a major step in doing that means having a national museum dedicated to disability history.

Elianna GerutSarah LevinDaniel RabinovitzGabe Rosen and Ben Schwartz. New York Times. It’s Time for a National Museum of Disability.

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